Additional Materials to Help Innovators Prepare Their Innovation Funding Proposal

Additional materials are now available to help innovators prepare their FY2019 innovation funding proposal through Educational Innovations at the Minnesota State system office. These new materials include:

1. A project summary document detailing all projects funded up to the present, including short descriptions and funding levels

2. Sample proposals from past awardees to help innovators better gauge what an “award worthy” proposal looks like

3. A recording of the recently held innovation funding information session from December 5,2018.

These materials are now available through the SO-Innovators group site under the documents section. To access the SO-Innovators Group Site, use your as your username along with your regular password.

For more information on the current Innovation Funding round, visit the official announcement and subscribe to the ASA Newsletter for future updates.

For additional questions please contact Stephen Kelly.

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