The Network for Educational Development is conceptual framework that was established to communicate development opportunities, provide a repository of development resources, share opportunities for networking and conversations, and provide connections to other ASA initiatives and priorities.  

NED Events Calendar

These development opportunities are hosted on an events calendar, which serves a single, public location to communicate a list of development opportunities that are coordinated or sponsored by the Educational Innovations unit of ASA at the Minnesota State system office.

Short and Long Courses

Short Courses (1-3 weeks) and Long Courses (4+ weeks) are instructor facilitated online courses. They are delivered online through D2L Brightspace, and focus on a specific topic and corresponding evidenced-based practices to guide participants through activities that prepare them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that will be applied directly to their own teaching.


Short and Long Courses:

  • are no cost to participants.
  • are not self-paced, and are facilitated by instructors from around Minnesota State.
  • require a StarID to register.
  • have a limit of 30 participants per course.
  • close registration one week before each course begins to allow facilitators to enroll participants into their D2L Brightspace course site.
  • Participants will receive a completion certificate that can be used in a Professional Development Plan.
  • When registered, a calendar invite will automatically appear as a reminder of enrollment to participants, but is not a meeting.
  • Short Course D2L Brightspace Packages are available in the NED Resource Site.


A number of webinars are provided each month to serve as an introduction to tools and practices that enhance teaching and learning. Most webinar topics are aligned with course design and delivery, but Minnesota State will also invite presenters to deliver webinars focused on emerging topics. Typically, webinars last 50-60 minutes.

Learning Communities

Cross-disciplinary faculty and staff group of six to twenty members who engage in an active, collaborative, extended-length (6-12 weeks) program with a curriculum about enhancing teaching and learning and with frequent seminars and activities that provide learning, development, the scholarship of teaching, and community building. Learning Communities focus on a course or project in which to try out innovations, assess student learning, and prepare a course or project mini-portfolio.


Scott Wojtanowski, Ph.D.
System Director for Educational Technology and Development

Catherine Ford, Ed.D.
Program Director for Educational Development