Policy and Procedure Update

The following board policies and system procedures were amended and uploaded to the Board of Trustee’s Policy and Procedure webpage in FY20. 1A.1 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Org. & Admin.1A.1.2 Pilot Programs1D.1 Office of Internal Auditing2.6 Intercollegiate Athletics3.5 Post-secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program*3.5.1 Post-secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program3.6.1 Student Conduct3.22 Course Syllabi and Course... Continue Reading →

New Pilot Program Request Site

The new Pilot Program Request (PPR) site has been created to assist presidents with the submission of their pilot program requests. Presidents must use their StarID log-in credentials, enter all the required information, and attach the Pilot Program Request form, which is downloaded from the site. Employees and students using their StarID may access this... Continue Reading →

System Procedure Updated

Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) System Procedure 3.32.1 College Faculty Qualifications was amended in August and posted to the Board of Trustee website.   A major portion of this procedure was updated during the review cycle. Please refer questions on the policies and procedures to Gary.Hunter@MinnState.edu or 651-201-1659.

Multiple policies and procedures updated

The following Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) board policies and system procedures were amended in FY19 and posted to the BOT website.    Board Policies: Board Policy 2.2 State Residency Board Policy 2.3 Student Involvement in Decision Making Board Policy 3.8 Student Complaints and Grievances Board Policy 3.18 Honorary Degrees Board Policy 3.36 Academic Programs... Continue Reading →

Procedures posted for review and comment

The following system procedures are available for review and comment on the P&P review site. Please log in using your [StarID]@minnstate.edu and your regular password. All feedback and comments may be submitted and viewed through this site. System Procedure 3.32.1 College Faculty Credentialing System Procedure 3.36.1 Academic Programs Any questions on the policies, or how to... Continue Reading →

Review and Comment Request for System Procedure 2.9.1

Colleagues, Chief academic officers, chief student affairs officers and deans are asked to forward this correspondence (which was shared via email) to students, faculty, administrators, college and university staff for review and comment. If you have any comments or questions regarding these proposed amendments, please contact Gary Hunter. System Procedure 2.9.1 Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic... Continue Reading →

Procedures 5.23.2 and 5.23.3 Review Extended: Sept 19, 2016

SENT ON BEHALF OF Ramon Padilla Jr. Greetings, Due to the importance of these procedures, we are extending the deadline for review to September 19, 2016.   Please note, that these procedures, particularly 5.23.2 and are especially pertinent to senior campus administrators.  The diagrams and FAQ included in this data classification package are particularly helpful... Continue Reading →

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