Tuition and Fee Policies – Review and Comment

The following information is being sent to you on behalf of Vice Chancellor Laura King.


The following policy and procedures are available for your comment for the next two weeks, closing on Monday, March 21, 2016.

5_12_Tuition and Fee Due Dates_Changes

5_12_1_Military Service and Disabled Veterans_Changes

5_12_2_Tuition Waivers and Deferrals_Changes

5_12_3_Payment Related Dates and Registration Cancellation_Changes

5_12_4 _Refund of Tuition and Fees_Changes

5_12_5 _Payment Plans_Changes

Please use the SharePoint site to submit comments.  If you are unable to access the site or have problems submitting comments in that manner, submit to Michael Nordby.

Thank you.

Maureen Braswell
Executive Assistant to:
Laura M. King, Vice Chancellor
Chief Financial Officer
Minnesota State Colleges & Universities


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