UPDATE โ€“ Board Policy 2.9 and System Procedure 2.9.1

In 2020 a Policy Work Group was formed to review:

  • Board Policy 2.9 Academic Standing and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress and
  • System Procedure 2.9.1 Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress.

While some of the workgroupโ€™s recommendations were incorporated into the System Procedure 2.9.1 draft, other issues in which no consensus was obtained were passed on to the ASA Policy Council for consideration. The council completed its review of the policy and procedure in November 2020.

The procedure amendment was approved by the chancellor in February 2021 and the policy amendment was adopted by the board the following month in March.

The amended policy and procedure can be found on the Board of Trustees Policy & Procedure webpage.

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The policy and procedure amendments will be discussed at an upcoming Zoom meeting on Friday, April 30th, 2:00 โ€“ 3:30 pm. Click here to join the Zoom Room. The meeting is open to anyone interested in understanding the recent amendments to Policy 2.9 and Procedure 2.9.1.

Any questions regarding board policies, system procedures, or operating instructions may be referred to the ASA System Director for Policy, Gary Hunter.

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