Multiple policies and procedures updated

The following Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) board policies and system procedures were amended in FY19 and posted to the BOT website.   

Board Policies:

  1. Board Policy 2.2 State Residency
  2. Board Policy 2.3 Student Involvement in Decision Making
  3. Board Policy 3.8 Student Complaints and Grievances
  4. Board Policy 3.18 Honorary Degrees
  5. Board Policy 3.36 Academic Programs
  6. Board Policy 3.31 Graduate Follow-Up System
  7. Board Policy 3.40 Recognition of Veteran Status
  8. Board Policy 3.41 Education Abroad Programs

System Procedures:

  1. System Procedure 2.2.2 U.S. Military Members, Spouses, and Dependent Children
  2. System Procedure 2.3.1 Student Involvement in Decision Making
  3. System Procedure 3.3.1 Assessment for Course Placement
  4. System Procedure 3.8.1 Student Complaints and Grievances
  5. System Procedure 3.18.1 Honorary Degrees
  6. System Procedure 3.41.1 Education Abroad Programs

Will be posted by end of summer:

  1. System Procedure 3.6.1 Student Conduct
  2. System Procedure 3.32.1 College Faculty Credentialing
  3. System Procedure 3.36.1 Academic Programs

Please refer questions on the policies and procedures to Gary Hunter at or 651-201-1659.

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