Sneak Peek at the CPL Assessments Codes

New CPL Operating Instructions and on internal and external assessments are available on the Minnesota State Board of Trustees Policy and Procedure page.

These operating instructions will help increase consistency and transparency of Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) codes, facilitate easier transfer for students with external CPL, and improve data collection of CPL impacts on persistence and completion.

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Register for the 2023 Student Success and Planning Conference on October 11-12 and join the breakout session “Minnesota State Credit for Prior Learning Policy, Procedure, and Operating Instructions: What’s New” at 10:45 a.m. on October 12.

Session description:

Minnesota State has completed review of CPL policy and procedure, including external assessments, internal assessments, and military courses and occupations. Participants in this session will:

  • Learn about changes to current CPL policy and procedure and new operating instructions for coding and transcripting to promote ease of transfer and data analysis of CPL impacts on student success,
  • Examine how campuses are developing CPL processes to expand CPL opportunities and promote student success, and
  • Consider how policy and practice can facilitate a campus culture that supports CPL

Learn more about the Student Success and Planning Conference.


Any questions regarding board policies, system procedures, or operating instructions may be referred to the System Director for Policy, Gary Hunter.

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