New Resource on ACE Credit Recommendations

The Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Network (C-PLAN) and Military, Veteran, and Adult Learner Services are excited to announce a new informational brief on ACE credit recommendations.

Please print or save the brief as a handy checklist, as well as share it widely with your Minnesota State colleagues who work with credit for prior learning external assessments.

What are ACE credit recommendations?

ACE credit recommendations are rigorous and rely on faculty evaluation. They are an example of an external assessment accepted by Minnesota State, as defined in System Procedure 3.35.1. These recommendations come from teams of faculty evaluators who, in collaboration with the American Council on Education (ACE), use a standardized review process to examine various training programs and determine whether they are worthy of college credit.

View the brief for more information! Available to Minnesota State faculty and staff logged into their Office365 account with their StarID.

The following subject matter experts are available as conversational resources:

Contact if you wish to be updated when CPL Resources is retired and the upcoming CPL Community, its replacement, is launched.



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