New Pilot Program Request Site

The new Pilot Program Request (PPR) site has been created to assist presidents with the submission of their pilot program requests. Presidents must use their StarID log-in credentials, enter all the required information, and attach the Pilot Program Request form, which is downloaded from the site.

Employees and students using their StarID may access this site to view the requests and their status.

The PPR site helps implement the pilot program language in Board Policy 1A.1 and the new System Procedure 1A.1.2 Pilot Programs. The new language permits a temporary and limited implementation of a new practice to determine the viability of the practice.

The policy and procedure authorizes the chancellor to approve pilot programs. The chancellor must consult with general counsel and the chair and vice chair of the board before temporarily suspending any portions of board policy and system procedure necessary to implement the pilot. Pilot programs seek to serve the interests of students and allow colleges and universities to be innovative and nimble in these changing times.

Questions? Contact Gary Hunter.

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