Program Navigator Updates

Timeline Changes
Previous project updates publicized that the web-based Program Navigator curriculum management system would be pilot tested January 2012 and ready for campus implementation shortly thereafter. New timelines have recently been determined allowing additional development work and data exchange testing to take place.

An extension of the anticipated project completion date of February 2012 to a “go live” date closer to late May or early June 2012 is now planned. Because of this change, we understand that some institutions will elect to train staff and use the Program Navigator system beginning August 2012. Academic Program staff will be available during the summer to support and train campus staff if campus leadership elect to employ Program Navigator upon the “go live” announcement.

Program Navigator Software Changes 
Enhancements in development will allow campus staff to:
• reinstate programs;
• experience improved program search capability by CIP code;
• search for program components (emphasis/minor) by title;
• assign program location type designators to off-campus sites (high school, community
center, prison, etc.)

Improved work flow functions will allow:
• new change request types, allowing campus approval of selected requests;
• set a time frame for work flow stages, such as length of time the Notice of Intent is posted for system comments

New database capabilities will allow:
• attachments to be stored in a remote server (enhanced IT security)
• new field validation allowing for improved user experience when completing forms

Selected colleges and universities will participate in a set of short pilot exercises to test the system in late February and early March. Training will be provided for staff at these campus locations in mid-February and will be available for future users beginning in March.

Please forward any comments, concerns and questions to Tamara Arnott, academic program director at 651-201-1685 or

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