Minnesota West Community & Technical College (MWCTC)

Minnesota West Community & Technical College (MWCTC)

  • Lifelong Learning Opportunities.  Minnesota West Community & Technical College hosted a field trip for community members as part of new programming of lifelong learning opportunities.  The group traveled to the Textile Center in Minneapolis. This was the initial venture in a quest to learn more about fiber arts and artists.  Participants came from Bloomington, Brewster, Canby, Forest Lake, Hartley IA, Pipestone, Rushmore, Sibley IA, Windom, and Worthington.

 The field trip included a tour of the Textile Center’s galleries that are currently featuring creations by member artists entitled, A Common Thread; tour and information on the center’s library which is the largest circulating library of its type in the world; and each participant was as able to partake in a fiber art class either in dyeing techniques or felting techniques. A retail shop at the Textile Center provided opportunities for the group to purchase items made by local artists or to take home supplies and literature for their next project.  http://www.mnwest.edu/feature-stories/field-trip-to-the-textile-center-in-minneapolis/

  • Commit to Complete.  Minnesota West Community & Technical College continues to encourage their students at the start of each semester to Commit to Complete!  Students sign their name to a board that is displayed in a main location at each of our 8 locations, with the statement, “I commit to make my education a priority and complete my course of study at Minnesota West Community & Technical College.”

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