e-Memorandum from Tim Price on New Consultation Structure


As you may know or have heard, the System Office Academic and Student Affairs Division has been working with bargaining units and student associations to develop a new consultation structure that would replace all pre-existing ASA committees – those requiring formal appointments through these respective organizations.  I attach the most recent version of the consultation structure.  We are also particularly interested in working to give voice to our campus administrators through this process.

Currently, Interim Vice Chancellor Larry Litecky is considering recommendations/expressions of interest by campus administrators to participate in each of the Councils.

Please note that the Coordinating “Commission” (formal name yet to be determined) has met twice during the fall.

 Current administrator representatives are:

Wanda Overland (SCSU) – Co-Chair of the Coordinating “Commission” with Co-Chair Donna Brauer of IFO
Ron Langrell – Riverland Community College, A Technical And Community College
Scott Olson – MSU, Mankato

The Policy Council has also met over recent months.

Current administrator representatives are:

Kelly Murtaugh – Dakota County Technical College
Warren Wiese –  MSU Moorhead
Becky Omdahl – Metropolitan State University
Landon Pirius – North Hennepin Community College
Beth Adams – Central Lakes College
Anna Fellegy – Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College

Vice Chancellor Litecky has asked that I contact you all with a view to seeking your expressions interest and/or obtaining names of other campus administrators that you know of who might be interested in joining either one of the three remaining Councils:

1) Academic Affairs (Up to 6 representatives – 3 college & 3 university);

2) Student Affairs (Up to 4 representatives – 2 college and 2 university); or,

3) Academic Information Technology (Up to 4 representatives – 2 college & 2 university).

This is an opportunity for Deans as well so if you know of Deans who may be interested in serving on either of the Councils, Interim Vice Chancellor Litecky will consider them.

I have charge documents for each of the Councils and will send them forward upon request rather than bombard you with paper. We will post charge documents and the attached structure on the ASA web page after Doug Knowlton’s (Vice Chancellor Designee) review and will keep you posted on the timing of that.

Look forward to hearing from you about your interest or thoughts on others who would serve our interests well.


Tim Price
Deputy to the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
Phone: 651-201-1671
E-Mail: Tim.Price@so.mnscu.edu
Fax: 651-649-5409

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