Diversity and Equity Awards 2012

Diversity and Equity Awards 2012—The System Office’s Diversity and Equity division invites nominations for the 2012 Diversity Awards.  Nominations for this year’s Diversity and Equity Awards in the following four categories:

1)       Best Practices in Diversity and Equity Award ($4,000)

2)       New Innovative Practices in Diversity and Equity Award ($4,000)

3)       Outstanding Student Organization Diversity and Equity Award ($4,000)

4)       Resources for Relationships Award ($25,000)

For more information, visit http://www.diversity.mnscu.edu/news/index.html.
You can download the documents at Diversity Award Nomination Form and Diversity Award Criteria

For more information regarding the Diversity Awards, contact David Isham, Access and Opportunity Specialist, at david.isham@so.mnscu.edu or 651.201.1545.



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