Saint Paul College Faculty Members developed and presented eight College-Wide Core Competency Assessment Rubrics

  • Saint Paul College Faculty Members: Kelly Olson, Lorie Costello, Kelly McKown, Justin Bonnett, Dan Paulnock, Peter Lawson and Tom Arneson developed and presented eight, College-wide core competency assessment rubrics to other faculty members during Professional In-service Day on February 24, 2012 under the leadership of Dr. Margie Tomsic, Dean of Research, Planning and Effectiveness and Dr. Marilyn Krasowski, Interim Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Development. College-wide Core Learning Outcomes were developed as part of an AQIP Action Project in areas of: Communication, Problem Solving/Critical Thinking, Quantitative Reasoning, Diversity/Citizenship, Information Literacy, Technological Literacy, Career Skills/Content Readiness and Teamwork.

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