Minnesota Launches Unique Career Website for ABE Students

Minnesota Launches Unique Career Website for ABE Students

Abbey Lang, West Regional Transitions Coordinator and member of the Otto Bremer Career Web-based Grant Leadership Team

MyMnCareers is a new online tool, launched this month, written specifically for low-skilled job seekers.  The site is the first of its kind designed for low-literacy adults. The goal of the site is to help working learners (adults with less than a Bachelor’s degree) to not only create career goals, but take steps needed to pursue and advance in a career pathway.  In addition to Adult Basic Education (ABE) students, the site is also useful for WorkForce Center customers, clients of community-based organizations and employment services, and in facilitated sessions with middle and high school students.

MyMnCareers is actually three websites in one. The first section of the site is for English Language Learners unfamiliar with the U.S. workplace or their career options. The middle section is for those finishing their high school or GEDs and looking for post-secondary training and career information. The third section is for people who earned their GEDs and need to know how to advance in their career or move into a college or advanced job-training program.  All of the content is written at the equivalency of 3rd to 7th grade reading levels

iSeek Solutions developed MyMnCareers under the direction of Southwest Minnesota Adult Basic Education with a grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation. These agencies worked with advisors from St. Paul Public Schools’ Hubbs Center and Minnesota West ABE for more than a year to research and develop content and functionality for this site.

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