Workforce Assessment Meetings to Commence April 5, 2012

Workforce Assessment Meetings to Commence April 5, 2012–The “Workforce Assessment” initiative is intended to address the state’s growing skills gap by engaging Minnesota companies in six different industries:  healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, engineering, energy and transportation. During April and May, a total of 42 listening sessions will be held at locations around Minnesota for each industry. The Workforce Assessment meetings are designed to engage Minnesota companies in developing precise projections of how many workers and professionals, with what kinds of skills, will be needed in which regions of the state, for what kinds of jobs.

The data gathered from the Workforce Assessment sessions will be used by MnSCU to align its certificates and degrees, worker retraining and customized training programs with the needs of Minnesota business and industry.  Meeting Minnesota’s Workforce Needs: Workforce Assessment sessions are being planned and executed collaboratively with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Minnesota Initiative Foundations and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Support from local business leaders, chambers of commerce and local colleges and universities is key to the success of each meeting.

Two websites provide additional information: (Registration site for all meetings.  Participants must identify as:  business, education or community when registering). (Repository for all statewide labor market reports for each of the six industries, in addition to the regional data supplements).

Chancellor Rosenstone is hosting a “kick-off” on April 2, 2012 at 9:00 A.M.  WebEx log-in information has been sent to presidents, CAOs, deans and key communicators.   If you have not received the information, please contact Sandy Loney at  All are welcome to learn more about this exciting initiative!

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