ASA Strategic Initiatives Update, March 2, 2012

Academic and Student Affairs Lead Initiatives within the Strategic Framework
 Update report – AVC Meeting
February 27, 2012

 1.  Metro Plan

  • Metro CAOs/Presidents will discuss as part of the Metro Alliance meetings Friday, March 2 and at the March 5 Baccalaureate Completion Dinner and Discussion.

2.  Underserved Communities

  • Group being formed to address “underrepresented groups” initiative.  Sue Hammersmith has been added to the group.  Meeting in process of being scheduled.

3.  Extraordinary Education

  • Signature learning experiences
  • Learning outcomes
  • Collaboration among faculty and across Colleges and Universities
  • Central Lakes held their discussion February 21. Ten (?) more occurred Friday, February 24. Report from Central Lakes was it was an “overwhelming” success
  • Suresh Tiwari, Vice President for ASA at Central Lakes is compiling written outcomes from every group and will share with Lynda as soon as it is ready.
  • E-education
  • § Doug met with Steven
    • § It was decided that this report would be moved back to June.
    • § Steven is reviewing the Noel-Levitz Minnesota Online report
    • § Positive response to collaborative Early Education program offered online

4.  P-12 Alignment

  • Doug will be speaking at the “to be rescheduled” K-12 conference on March 28th

5.  Student Success (persistence and completion)

  • This is reflected in the update on Developmental Education

6.  Developmental Education

  • Karen discussed the February 15/16 conference on Developmental Ed and Student Success
  • Survey sent out to campuses for feedback.
  • To date, 17 campuses that have reported back are focusing in on the high-impact practices and developmental education.
  • It was mentioned that Larry Litecky has suggested planning a summer math institute using the extra dollars from the Gates funds that are available.  Tim offered there was an assumption that we would form a task force and Lisa Larson has been asked if she would be willing to lead it and she said yes.  Doug questioned the logistics involved and asked if we should wait for more feedback from the campuses before deciding on what training should be considered for this summer.

7.  Transfer of Credits                                                              

  • Louse DiCesare is putting together a report card for schools on compliance with the Smart Transfer Plan.  Information to be distributed at Leadership Council

8.  Workforce and Customized Training

  • All city locations have been identified. To date, 27 out of 43 meeting locations are confirmed at a business location; others pending confirmation.  All meetings scheduled in April.
  • A template for the data reports has been developed.  Reports will be ready by end of March and the meeting format (data report and questions) will be tested by 3 employer groups.
  • Industry leads and DEED providing extensive support and coordination
  • On-going communication activities with the state chamber and Governor’s Workforce Development Council.
  • Biggest quandary – what form would the presidents and CAOs prefer for data delivery to them.
  • Some academic leaders are concerned about “centralized” planning
  • Clarification of customized training; prefer that it be inclusive of workforce training, such as
    • Open enrollment, non-credit instruction
    • Credit-based contract training and industry credentials
    • Closed contract with employers
    • Continue to communicate with  Kevin Kopischke and Joyce Helens

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