ASA Strategic Initiatives Update, March 28, 2012

Academic and Student Affairs Lead Initiatives within the Strategic Framework
AVC Meeting Updates
March 27, 2012

 1.  Metro Plan

  •  University presidents expressed an interest in getting additional information on the following areas in order to plan:
  • Programs Needed

–         Interests of two-year students

–         Current Content Offerings

–         Types of Delivery

–         Offerings by private institutions

  •  Costs

–         Personnel, non-personnel

–         Facilities on two-year campuses, elsewhere

  •  Target Audience

–         Primary – Students at 2-year colleges in the Twin Cities

–         Secondary – Other prospective students

–         Marketing

  •  Relationships Among Universities

–         Role of Metro State

  •  Student surveys have generated approximately 5000 respondents.  On Wednesday, a final reminder will be sent to non-respondents with the intention of closing the survey and commencing with the analysis on Monday. The survey results, as well as some other key data elements, will inform the April discussions of the metro and state university presidents and vice presidents.
  •  Two-year college facilities’ availability information is being integrated into a common template.

2.  Underserved Communities

  • Whitney Harris provided a taxonomy of services provided by the colleges and universities to promote recruitment and retention of students of color and to establish a welcoming environment on the campuses.
  • Next meeting with the staff and presidents leading the initiative is being scheduled in April

3.  Extraordinary Education


-Signature learning experiences

-Learning outcomes

-Collaboration among faculty and across Colleges and Universities:

  • Anecdotal information continues to be good; sense that faculty welcome the opportunity for conversation and feedback on these important topics
  • General sense of an open question, “What’s next?”
  • Northeast region (NEHD plus LSC, Pine, CLC) inquired about funding for fall conference
  • Question: How to collect “status” information?
    • Email exchange with Pres. Potter about asking presidents; he sent SCSU plan

4.  P-12 Alignment

  • The P-12 conference has been rescheduled for March 28

5.  Student Success (persistence and completion) 

  • The ASA committee of the board will be working on a board goal of “Creating Access to Success Pathways for MnSCU Students. The Board of Trustees Academic and student Affairs Committee will explore, discuss and advocate for research-based best practices in promoting student success (persistence and completion)
  • Review of campus feedback on the recent Developmental Education and Student Success conference will be informing decisions about future faculty/staff training on best practices.

6.  Developmental Education  

  •  The first meeting of the CAO Task Force on Remedial/Developmental Education Structural and Policy Questions is on March 27.
  •  A proposal to expend the remaining $25,000 of the Gates Foundation Grant on developmental mathematics is in the process of being submitted to the Gates Foundation.
  •  Representatives from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching are scheduled to present to 200 MnSCU college mathematics faculty at MINNMATYC on May 5 about their “STATWAY” project.

7.  Transfer of Credits   

  •  Staff is working on a proposed implementation plan for FY 2013 based on the Leadership Council’s identified projects at the March meeting.  This will involve the Transfer Oversight Committee.

8.  Workforce and Customized Training

 Workforce Assessment Meetings

  • Kick-off WebEx with Chancellor Rosenstone scheduled for April 2 at 9:00 a.m.  All OTC staff, presidents, CAOs, deans and key communicators invited.  The first workforce assessment meeting will be on April 5 for the transportation industry.
  • Web registration site is now available at
  • State chamber of commerce staff members are facilitating most of the 42 workforce assessment meetings at business locations throughout the state during April and early May.

Customized Training

  • Based on discussions with the presidents, an inventory of the types and volume of business training offered by our institutions will be developed, in both continuing education and through customized training contracts.
  • Marketing strategies to position MnSCU as providing “comprehensive training solutions” to all Minnesota businesses will be explored.

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