August 2012 CEMRS Update

Classroom, Event Management, and Resource Scheduling (CEMRS)

Training has started for the first wave schools. There are 2 major parts to the training: configuration and administration. Configuration training has 8 different components to it. The first wave schools have completed the first 6 components. We will not be conducting any training during the freeze, but each school has homework from the sessions to keep them busy. We will complete configuration training during the week of September 10th. After that administrative training will occur. So far the training has gone well and everyone is excited about getting hands on experience with EMS Campus.

The timeline for the project has been extended by 5 months. This extension is due to hardware delays and a more conservative approach to training for waves 3 and 4. Once we complete the first wave training, we will review the process and determine if our approach to the remaining waves needs to be modified.

Progress continues on the production, test, and failover environments. A temporary production environment is in place allowing the first wave schools to continue their work. The hardware has been ordered and is in the process of being installed and configured.

During September update meetings will be held on the project. The task force, key contacts, and working group will meet to review the progress to date and answer any questions or concerns about the project.

To learn more about Classroom, Event Management, and Resource Scheduling go to the project web page at

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