Accuplacer Upgrades

On behalf of Karen Hynick, System Director of P-20 and College Readiness/Chancellor’s Fellow.
Dear Testing Directors,

I am writing to inform you that beginning  on December 16, 2012, College Board will nationally be releasing some significant upgrades to the Accuplacer system which will initially impact your institution’s ability to upload Accuplacer into ISRS. These upgrades in the long run will provide necessary improvements to our current upload process including improved efficiencies .  Among those upgrades is a change in the XML file structure used by the Accuplacer Load process.  Although the MnSCU software development team has actively working on this initiative for months and has been able to make some of the necessary changes to get ready to accept the new file from Accuplacer, the team has not yet had full access to the entire new file to complete testing.  This means that starting on Monday, Dec. 17, 2012, MnSCU software development team will be testing the new file and therefore your institution will NOT be able to run the Accuplacer Load in ISRS.  Thus, all Accuplacer testing  conducted during this time period will need to be manually entered into ISRS until the MnSCU software team can validate the new upgrade. If all testing goes well, the downtime for the Accuplacer Load could be as short as 7 – 10 days, but if problems are discovered by the team, the downtime could potentially last until mid January.

Although the development team and I recognize the time frame for the rolling out this initiative is not ideal, especially with spring enrollment testing needs, we are working diligently to do everything possible to minimize the downtime campuses might experience while still ensuring that the new process for the Accuplacer upload works correctly and does not result in inaccurate data being pulled.  Thus, anticipate on going communication including status updates from us beginning December 16, 2012 as this new Accuplacer upload process rolls out.  We appreciate your patience and additional efforts during this process.  Please feel free to share this correspondence with others on your campus who may be impacted by this new upload process.  If you have questions, concerns or need additional clarification pertaining to this matter, feel free to contact me directly at 651-201-1760 or at


Karen Hynick
System Director of P-20 and College Readiness
Chancellor’s Fellow
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
30 7th Street East, St. Paul, MN 55101

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