ASA FY 14 Technology Workplan Proposed Projects

Academic and Student Affairs FY 14 Technology Workplan Proposed Projects

Based on feedback at the Fall Academic and Student Affairs Conference at Ruttgers, we are trying a new process for input in the Academic and Student Affairs technology plan.   Below are the key aspects to the process.

Web-based form to input proposed projects:   We encourage ideas, from the smallest of enhancements (“we need one more button on screen…”) to the very strategic.   Half-baked ideas are welcome too!

FY14 Technology Proposed Projects Form

Proposed projects gathered to date:  Attached are the ideas that you have offered to date, either at CAO/CSAO/Deans conference at Ruttgers, or the ITS Listening Sessions at Central Lakes College and the St. Cloud Quarry Center.  If you offered an idea at a Listening Session and we did not capture it correctly, please provide corrected language on the input form above.  Kindly reference the project number in your update.

FY 14 Technology Project Ideas

Timelines:  You may begin inputting proposed projects immediately.  The timelines are below.

February 15, 2013:  deadline for proposed FY14 projects.

March 1-15, 2013:    Chief Academic and Student Affairs Officers will be asked to identify their Top 10 priorities.

March or April 2013:  ITS Listening Sessions — goal is to have prioritized list; final comments.

April 2013:  Vice Chancellors’ decision on priorities.

May 2013:  ASA conference — large session to debrief process, what was approved, what was not and why.

Contact: Jon Eichten, Interim Senior System Director for Academic & Student Support Technology, System Office, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. 651-201-1655,

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