D2L Downtime December 28-29, 2012 for Upgrade to Version 10.0

Typically our D2L upgrades are taken on Friday nights so they don’t affect our daytime users.  This upgrade will take place during regular work hours, so please be aware that D2L will be unavailable from 4:00 AM on Friday, December 28, 2012 until noon on Saturday, December 29, 2012 to perform the upgrade to D2L version 10.0.  If the upgrade is completed sooner than expected, or takes longer than expected, the downtime will be adjusted accordingly.

D2L upgrade status will be posted at http://status.mnscu.edu/desire2learn/

This upgrade has significant changes to the user interface.  Highlights of the changes are available in these videos:

Student role General overview:  http://media4.stcloudstate.edu/p96103010
Teacher role Navigation overview: http://media4.stcloudstate.edu/p45921793
Teacher role Tool layout overview:  http://media4.stcloudstate.edu/p52712472

Please review these videos to prepare for the changes in D2L version 10.  If you have any questions about the upgrade, you may contact any member of the IMS System Site Administrator (SSA) team.

Chuck Morris chuck.morris@so.mnscu.edu
Charles Kroger Charles.kroger@so.mnscu.edu
Karen Wenz Karen.wenz@so.mnscu.edu

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