Pursuing International Opportunities?

The System Office is seeking input to determine the amount of interest MnSCU colleges and universities have in international activities. Students, faculty and staff who want to travel to another country and participate in educational activities require certain support services such as obtaining passports and lodging, developing travel plans, and becoming knowledgeable on foreign laws and local customs.  Colleges and universities need assistance in determining legal exposure/compliance, HR issues, immigration, risk management, safety of travelers, money/currency issues, and day-to-day support for all issues touching on international travel or domestic travel with an international component.

If your college or university is interested in pursuing opportunities in other countries, please submit an email to gary.hunter@so.mnscu.edu.  In the email, please identify your international interests and activities.  MnSCU has an opportunity to obtain these services from a single vendor if enough interest is present within the System. Your assistance is essential in this matter.

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