Desire2Learn Update

Desire2Learn Update

  •  MnSCU and D2L teams have corrected a second source of performance issues.  Schools are now reporting good performance.
    ** We consider this week’s performance issues to be corrected.  Please escalate any new performance problems ASAP:
  • System office staff continue to support campus admins and users, and to prepare for semester start.
  • We are prepared to support you next week during semester start.  All hands on deck!

Issues Recap

1.  Performance issue #1:  Occasional bad behavior of some stored procedures (From before the v10 upgrade):
a) Will be corrected in D2L’s next service pack, date TBD (mid-January).
2.  Performance issue #2:  Broad response time problems for all schools.
a)  Fixed on Jan 4.
3.  Performance issue #3:  Sporadic response time problems for a subset of schools.
a)  Corrected today at 11AM.
4) Batch integration processing:  Enrollment integrations running late into the morning, delaying new enrollments for some schools.
a)  Work-around is in place to shorten batch processing time.  We expect Monday’s integration to finish before the start of the school day.

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