MnSCU Cited for Partnership Work in CAEL Report

MnSCU was cited as one of three national examples in a new report issued by CAEL (the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning).  To access the report click on the heading below or go to

MnSCU was cited for its partnership work with the Minnesota National Guard, the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, MyMilitary, operated by the support center at Perham, and MyMilitary GPS LifePlan.  A summary of the report follows:

““Investing in Veterans: The Need for Career and Education Advising” explains what effective advising for student veterans looks like. It then surveys the advising options currently available to veterans and concludes that additional career and education advising resources—especially those available to veterans prior to enrollment in postsecondary institutions—are needed to ensure that veterans are able to take full advantage of their federal education benefits. The report concludes with a series of recommendations aimed at providing advising to veterans at every stage of the transition to civilian life, from separation from the military to enrollment in postsecondary institutions”

For more information, contact Steve Frantz or Gina Sobania

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