New website connects career and course planning for adults

Do you work with adults thinking about going back to college? Or know someone who’s looking for additional training so they can move into a better career? Deciding on the right education and career path can be difficult for anyone.

Introducing MN Career Pathways: Your Success Starts Here (, a self-service website that facilitates career and course planning for adult learners. The site is a user-friendly tool that curates information specific to adults in one place. The website does not duplicate information found on other career resources, instead it gathers career, education, and training information in one easy place for the adult learner.

The MN Career Pathways website helps:

  • adult learners research educational options and gather tips in preparation for entering college for the first time
  • working learners explore options to finish a degree, get credit for prior learning, or transfer credits
  • working adults explore training requirements for careers, learn how to refresh their skills, and prepare for training

Please share this website with educators, advisers and adults who are considering going back to college, new (and ready) to go to college, or those adults who want additional training for their current positions.

For more information about Minnesota Career Pathways and Minnesota Programs of Study, visit our website at, or see a directory of staff contacts at

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