CEMRS May Update

The five colleges/universities in the 1st wave and eight colleges/universities in the November group continue to refine their use of EMS Campus. Future term room scheduling, event scheduling, and workflow practices continue to evolve as everyone becomes familiar with EMS Campus and its capabilities.

The fifteen colleges/universities in the February group continue their configuration and training. Twelve of the colleges/universities have completed the formal training with three pointing to production ISRS. The remaining colleges/universities are planning to point to production ISRS by the end of May/early June. Two of the universities: Southwest Minnesota State University and MSU Moorhead are current Master Calendar users. We are working with them in incorporating their Master Calendar instance with EMS Campus.

The final nine colleges in the May group have their kickoff meeting on June 3rd. These colleges are preparing for the kickoff meeting and are reviewing documents and plans in preparation for the configuration and training that will happen over the summer.

For a list of the colleges/universities and the groups they are involved in see the EMS Campus Rollout List on the project web site: http://www.finance.mnscu.edu/facilities/cemrs.

We are starting to produce draft systemwide reports from the production EMS Campus systems. The facilities team is working with the RADS team in the system office ITS department to review initial reports that are similar to the reporting produced by R25. Soon after that new reports will be developed based on the extra information in EMS Campus. A website will be developed for access to these reports.

Contact:  Steve Hawrysh – steve.hawrysh@so.mnscu.edu

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