DARS/u.select Users Conference Concludes

DARS/u.select Users Conference Concludes

Ninety participants attended this year’s conference held at the Cragun’s Resort in Brainerd on October 8 – 9, 2013.

This year’s sessions included:  DARwin vs u.achieve, Pre-Conversion Information, our infamous “Tips & Tricks”, an introduction to Transferology, Optimizing Transfer in Transferology, VETS Update, Credit When It’s Due: Reverse Transfer Update, MNTC Historical Review Project, and DARS & Transfer Related Campus Clean-up Projects.

Participants also split off into Breakout sessions on Condition Codes, Exceptions, AgileGrad and Transfer Issues Related to DARS.  Many shared during our Town Hall open discussion and casual networking time, as well.

Conference evaluations reinforce that our users value the information and the opportunity to gather as a group and hear about/discuss topics related to the work we do and how we can better serve our students.  A huge thank you to all our presenters this year!  We’d especially like to thank our campus presenters who include:

Kelly Ponto Watrin – Century College
Kristin Patrick – Metropolitan State University
Sarah Hatfield – Lake Superior College
Sharlene Allen – Minnesota State Community and Technical College
Rachael Berg – North Hennepin Community College
Andy Levesque – North Hennepin Community College
Lori Kirkeby – North Hennepin Community College

Conference presentations are posted on the MnSCU DARS/u.select project website at: http://www.dars.mntransfer.org/registration/agenda_October_2013.html

Contact:  Marla Delaney
DARS/u.select Project Technology Manager
marla.delaney@so.mnscu.edu | www.dars.mntransfer.org

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