Fall Meeting Final Agenda and Wear Campus Gear Notice


The final agenda for the CAO/CSAO/Deans meeting is now posted on the ASA website.


See the attached PowerPoint regarding the request for participants to wear campus gear!

Wear Campus Gear (Final #1) 10 17 13

If your plans have changed, please contact: 

Lodging:                                          Renee at 1-800-450-1350 or renee.larson@ruttgers.com

Pre-Conference Registration:    Kelli at 651-201-1569 or kelli.lyng@so.mnscu.edu

Registration:                                   Kathy at 651-201-1682 or kathy.weersma@so.mnscu.edu

For all conference meeting information please refer to the ASA joint meeting website .

Please contact me or Shelly Heller if you have questions.

Thank you,
Tim Price

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