Time and Leave Reporting – Coming Soon!

Coming soon, faculty will be able to submit leave requests through an online system called Time and Leave Reporting.  MnSCU IT has developed this system to eliminate the need for paper leave request forms and manual tracking as the requests will automatically be routed to their supervisor for approval.  Faculty will also be able to view their leave balances at any time.  They will be able to access the system using the existing eTimesheet link on your campus website.  We need your help in getting the word out to these folks so they will be prepared for the change!

Deployment Plan

•  The target date for deployment of the Time and Leave Reporting system for all non-faculty is 1/29/2014.

•  To ensure that we provide timely communications, CHRO’s have been asked to choose from a list of dates between February and May for deployment of the system to faculty at their institution.  (They may be coming to you for assistance in selecting the best date for your faculty.)

•  E-mail communications regarding Time and Leave Reporting will go directly to employees (faculty and non-faculty) prior to their being impacted by any change.

Look for additional announcements and WebEx sessions coming soon!

Contact:  Terri Olson, Terri.Olson@so.mnscu.edu


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