Transferology Update 3-19-14

The update below includes new information on access to Transferology including faculty advisor and other advisor training, Transferology access and promotional materials.

Faculty advisor and other advisor training

Training videos and documentation are now available to assist in learning how to use Transferology Lab.  Please share this information with your faculty advisors and other advisors in preparation for the upcoming March 31st launch.

There are six videos located on the DARS website that cover the topics below:

  • Transferology promotional video
  • My Stuff (account information)
  • Managing Course Bundles
  • Advising Students
  • Viewing Programs
  • View Equivalencies

To access the documentation in addition to the videos, go to the CollegeSource documentation at:

Transferology access

All those who advise students must have an account to use Transferology— please note this is a changeThose with existing accounts will have their accounts carried forward to Transferology.   Please provide your Transferology administrator with the names, title, email address, and phone number of all faculty advisors and other advisors.  Once the account is created, faculty will be able to test Transferology and Transferology Lab in the Beta site as of March 24th.

Promotional materials

If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Tralle ( or Jon Eichten (

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