Announcing New AASCU Excellence and Innovation Awards

To:         AASCU Presidents and Chancellors

From:     Muriel A. Howard

Date:     June 6, 2014

RE:       Announcing New AASCU Excellence and Innovation Awards

I am pleased to announce the new AASCU Excellence and Innovation Awards program, designed to recognize and publicize the exemplary work being done by our members in the areas of student success, regional and economic development, international education and leadership development. These awards will complement the existing Christa McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Teacher Education.

The awards provide a method for collecting and disseminating information about successful programs and to support campus efforts to improve their institutions. It also gives us an opportunity to recognize the significant work of our members.

Award recipients will receive an engraved sculpture, as well as recognition at the AASCU Annual Meeting, in the AASCU magazine, Public Purpose, and on the AASCU website. AASCU will also acknowledge award recipients through the national media and take other measures to ensure public recognition of award winners’ accomplishments.

I encourage you to submit applications for any programs or initiatives on your campus that might serve as a model to other AASCU presidents and chancellors and that would help advance practice in the field. Your participation in this awards program will support AASCU’s efforts to advance the distinctive mission of public higher education and promote AASCU institutions of public purpose.

Applications will be reviewed by subcommittees of AASCU Standing Committees, namely: the Committee on Undergraduate Education will review the Student Success and College Completion Award; the Committee on Economic and Workforce Development will review the Regional and Economic Development Award; the Committee on International Education will review the International Education Award; and the Committee on Professional Development will review the Leadership Development and Diversity Award.

Program details and the application form are available on the AASCU website,

If you have questions about the program, please contact Dorcas Colvin, vice president for leadership development and member services at<> or 202.478.4644.


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