Systemwide ASA Communication (Listservs and Newsletter)


A REMINDER as the fall begins that the online ASA Newsletter is the central place for Academic & Student Affairs news. It’s also where you’ll find an archive of important news items, deadlines, etc. You can subscribe to the newsletter and have posts sent to your mailbox using the instructions at Please send your news items to, or post directly at

NEW! To provide a place for easy and quick conversation among groups, we have created several new LISTSERVS. Attached to this email is a categorized list of these listservs. If you received this message, you have been subscribed to the listserv to which it was sent.

For example, CAOs can now send messages to all CAOs in the system by using this address: CSAOs can send to all CSAOs by sending to, and deans to all deans at . There are also “subgroup” listservs like caos-univ (university CAOS), csaos-coll (college CSAOs), etc.

Please review the attached list of all ASA listservs. You need to be a member of the listserv in order to post a message to that group. Please forward any changes in membership to “Administrator1” listed on the listserv.

We hope these communication channels work for you. If you have any trouble posting a message or have any questions, please contact


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