Open Textbook Update

Open Textbooks and Textbook Affordability

Addressing textbook costs and ways to reduce these costs have been an ongoing focus for the MnSCU office, campuses, and students. This year, a series of efforts focused on increasing the awareness and use of Open Textbooks across MnSCU will be initiated. During the upcoming months, we will be seeking input and participation on a number of these efforts, so stay tuned!

Checkout the September Open Textbook Update ( for more information.  open

Where can I find out more information about Open Textbooks?

To find out more information about open textbooks and other activities taking place in this area please visit

Does your campus have a textbook affordability effort underway? Do you know a faculty member who has been taking steps to reduce costs for students?

If so, we would love to share the story. Please contact Todd Digby ( and let him know.

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