Call for Proposals: MnWE Conference

MnWE (Minnesota Writing & English) Conference Call for Proposals: Conference organizers seek individual, panel, and workshop proposals from any faculty member (full-time or adjunct), graduate student, or writing center tutor involved in teaching, tutoring or research addressing any aspect of teaching composition, literature, ESL, and creative/professional writing. Topics may include

  • Sharing strategies to engage students
  • Reconsidering the roles of placement testing and assessment
  • Creating engaging classroom activities and assignments in Composition courses
  • Innovating in Developmental Composition courses
  • Helping students connect literature with their coursework and lives beyond school
  • Fostering literacy and expressive power through creative writing
  • Engaging and empowering students in English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Giving effective and encouraging feedback to students
  • Improving writing centers and tutoring
  • Articulating English connections across institutional boundaries
  • Sustaining energy and curiosity as an English teaching professional

We invite proposals on these subjects or on any other topic having to do with English, composition, or writing.

Proposal Guidelines:

We are looking for the following types of proposals:

  • Individual Presentation (8-10 minutes in length plus activity/discussion), to be paired with two other presenters for 75 min. session with 15 min. of Q-&-A at end
  • Panel (2-3 papers, 8-10 minutes in length plus activity/discussion with 15 min. of Q-&-A at end)
  • Roundtable Discussion of Current Issues (5-6 participants, one hour in length with 15 min. of Q-&-A at end)
  • Workshop (single presenter or team of presenters, one hour in length with 15 min. of Q-&-A at end)
  • Reading of Individual Creative Works (20-25 minutes in length plus discussion, to be grouped with one or two other creative writers)
  • Reading of/discussion about Panel of Creative Works

Submission Deadline: January 25, 2015. Please submit proposals electronically at Proposal Form.

For more information, please go to

Contact:  Amy Kubista –

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