Call for Proposals: MnWE Conference-Extended!

The Call for Proposals for the MnWE Conference has been extended to February 2nd. The conference theme, Sources of Engagement, encourages reflection on perennial concerns for educators. How do we build curricula that stimulate people in Developmental Composition, Gen Ed courses like Freshman Composition that students are required to take on their way toward “real” courses in their majors, and electives (for non-English majors) like Literature that are always competing for enrollment with the college or university’s myriad other offerings? What can we do to connect with all the students in our courses, learners bringing diverse educational backgrounds, skills, cultures, life experiences, and attitudes to the classroom? And how can we keep ourselves engaged while facing heavy teaching loads and sometimes uncertain employment? What keeps you engaged as a teacher of Composition, Creative Writing, and/or Literature? “Sources” can refer to the texts we and our students bring into the classroom, discover through research, or use in our writing, but in a broader sense, it can mean any materials, techniques/strategies, experiences, or people who foster enthusiasm for teaching and learning.

To learn more about the conference or the call for proposals, please visit the MnWE website at We hope to see you there!

Contact:  Amy Kubista –

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