WEBINAR: Writing for the Web – Primer for Blog Writers

Sharing your messages with stakeholders, partners and audience members using blogs and social media is the new standard. Many of us working for public agencies are not familiar with the protocols and best practices that engage stakeholders or the general public through blog writing, Facebook, Twitter and other “new” platforms.picture of an old typewriter

This webinar is presented by and for practitioners from DEED and MnSCU who want to know how to turn their academic or policy-focused style of writing into interesting and informative messages appealing to a wider range of audiences. Employees of other Minnesota public agency employees are welcome to attend. Examples used in the webinar will focus on content related to workforce development, career information and postsecondary education.


Watch the recording:

You can find a link to the webinar registration here: http://www.cte.mnscu.edu/professionaldevelopment/web-writing.html

Denise Felder, CTE Director of Professional Development denise.felder@so.mnscu.edu

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