Regional Deans Meeting


Based in the strong interest from academic deans in getting together beyond the spring and fall ASA conferences, this is to announce our first regional dean meeting opportunities which have been scheduled across the state. The following provides initial information on the regional meetings, including a request to register and indicate agenda items of interest using registration form.

The meeting locations were chosen out of their ease of parking, highway access, and distribution across the state, but is not an attempt to draw regional lines. As you know, there are many current and potential collaborative relationships that complicate any attempt to divide up the state. We hope that individual deans will choose the location(s) that would be most convenient and/or recognizes your current relationships. We also tried to identify locations within a couple hours of most campuses but recognize it will be a longer drive for some. We will try to encourage and continue to request hosting of future meetings in different locations across the state.

March 27,  9:30am – 3:30pm (depending on # of agenda items)
Minnesota State Community and Technical College-Moorhead
Normandale Community College
Rochester Community and Technical College

April 17,  9:30am – 3:30pm (depending on # of agenda items)
Itasca Community College
St Cloud Technical and Community College
South Central College-North Mankato

Regarding the actual meetings and potential topics, the registration form is provided to identify participants that will be attending at each of the locations and their agenda items of interest. Please register at the link above by March 18 so that we have a count for each location and associated lunches, and have some indication of potential agenda items. A follow-up will be sent in mid-March with room information, agenda, and other details.

Generally, the hope is that these inaugural meetings will include identification of standing agenda topics of ongoing interest, major discussion/presentation topics, discussion of who would like to host a future meeting, and a date or possible dates for the next meeting. Among the initial areas identified by  deans were discipline meetings, collaborative academic planning, and sharing of effective practices in program review or other areas.

The system office will be supporting these meetings by providing lunches. Lynda Milne, Jon Dalager, and Todd Harmening from system office academic affairs will each be attending two of these meetings to serve as a resource and provide support for action items that may be system-wide in nature.

Thank you for your interest and participation in this networking opportunity.


Kristina Keller
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean of Business, Communications, and Humanities
St Cloud Technical & Community College

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