MnTC Course Variation Chart

Conversations beginning last May about variation in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum have continued among different groups this past academic year including the spring CAO/CSAO/Dean’s meeting, the Transfer Oversight Committee, the Transfer Advisory Group and regional transfer meetings.

The Transfer Advisory Group (TAG), a group of system-wide transfer specialists, report difficulty when students transfer and discover that courses they’ve taken meet different goal areas at their new college or university. It takes staff time to explain reasons for the variation and the law/system procedure that require courses to transfer per the sending college or university, and to help students with transfer appeals. TAG recommended that the topic be brought to the Transfer Oversight Committee for ongoing system-wide discussion.

The Transfer Oversight Committee supported having the MnTC course variation chart sent to all CAOs/CSAOs in the event a college or university might choose to make changes to course goal area(s) for courses that differ in the goal area(s) met from the majority of similar system-wide courses.

Please share the MnTC course variation chart with your curriculum committee. Please contact me if you have questions or corrections.  Thank you.

Louise DiCesare
System Director
Transfer & Collaboration

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