Honorary Degree Recipients

Congratulations to all graduates and honorary degree recipients. In order to recognize the Honorary Degree recipients, we will post their name, award, and biography on the MnSCU web site and submit a report to the Board of Trustees. As you may know, Board Policy 3.18 and system procedure 3.18.1 allow all colleges and universities to award any of the following degrees:

  1. Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts (Hon. D.F.A.) 2. Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters (Hon. LH.D.) 3. Honorary Doctor of Laws (Hon. LL.D.) 4. Honorary Doctor of Literature (Hon. Litt.D.) 5. Honorary Doctor of Education (Hon. D.Ed.) 6. Honorary Doctor of Science (Hon. Sc.D.) 7. Honorary Doctor of Engineering and Technology (Hon. D. Eng. & Tech.)

The policy further requires us to post that information on the MnSCU web site.  If your institution awarded an honorary degree this spring, would you please send me the type of degree awarded, the names of the recipients, and the rationale for the award? It would also be helpful if your media relations office would provide a link to the college or university announcement that I will include on the MnSCU web page. Anyone interested in the honoree can then get the full information from your local web site.

Thank you!

Contact:  Jon Dalager

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