“Just for Deans” Webinar Series – Work-Life Balance and Managing Stress


The next webinar in our Just for Deans series is coming up on June 18th at 11am.  Please click here for information about the session on work-life balance and managing stress.  I am very excited to hear from Ann MacDonald, who is leading the session.  She has done some great training sessions at our fall deans meetings and a lot of great work around education lean.  Hope to “see” you next week!

WHEN:  June 18, 2015 – 11:00-12:00

REGISTER under “Live Sessions,” and choose this session.

Note:  This session has some ‘homework’ that is helpful in setting a knowledge base prior to the session.  These suggested items are in the flyer.


Kristina Keller
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean of Business, Communications, and Humanities
St Cloud Technical & Community College

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