“Just for Deans” Webinar Series – Mentors: Finding One, Being One


The next webinar in our Just for Deans series is coming up this week!  There is still time to register for the session on effective mentoring this Thursday July 16th at 11am.   Please see the click here for additional information!  Have a great week!

When:  July 16, 2015,  11:00-12:00

Mentors: Finding One, Being One

The right mentor can be a valuable resource at many points during an academic leader’s career. Mentors can provide leadership insights, career resources, and tips for navigating organizational dynamics. But sometimes it can be difficult to find and build those relationships. In this interactive session, we will discuss useful strategies for finding a mentor and being one. We’ll highlight research on effective mentoring to jumpstart the conversation. Join us to share your mentoring experiences and learn from others.

Facilitator: Dee Anne Bonebright, Ph.D., Director, Systemwide Training, Human Resources Division

Webinar Host: Todd Thorsgaard, Director, Leadership Development, Human Resources Division

Audience: College and University Deans

REGISTER under “Live Sessions,” and choose this session.

Contact:  Kristina Keller

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