Ode to CIP Codes by Brenda Lyseng

The “Ode to CIP Codes” was written by Brenda Lyseng, Academic Dean, Century College.

Down, down, down I go
The rabbit hole of CIP codes –
How many tunnels?

What are they and why?
Assigned to programs – I get.
Courses too you say?

But they aren’t the same,
Should they be and can they be?
2, 4, 6 digit??

What is that you say?
Faculty are assigned them;
Affects credentials!

And where’s the money?
The Allocation Model Reigns!
Data in, cash out!

FYE from what?
Cost from where? Cost Centers? CIP?
All playing the game.

Here I am. Confused.
Questions lead to more questions,

Started innocent.
Wanted all to find programs
By changing CIP code.

Tenacious, gritty,
Deeper in the rabbit hole.
Taking you with me!

Contact:  Tamara Arnott

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