MnSCU Captioning Assessment Project Update

In 2015, the System Office initiated a system-wide project to explore options for the provision of transcription and captioning services to MnSCU institutions for teaching and instructional purposes.  Under the charge and direction of the ASA Technology council, an Ad Hoc Captioning Assessment group was formed. The primary purpose of the group is one of research and discovery to uncover successful practices being deployed within MnSCU institutions as well as nationwide. However, other objectives of the group include:

  1. Investigation of options, processes, and products for captioning services currently being used or underway at MnSCU institutions and elsewhere for video and audio files used for teaching purposes
  2. Complete a scan the local and national environment for granting captioning grant opportunities and/or other agencies with whom to collaborate
  3. To understand and interpret federal and state level legal requirements to provide resources for MnSCU campuses
  4. To recommend further action or activities, which could include conducting an RFP process to solicit bids from providers of captioning services
  5. Develop a plan for disseminating best practices identified during the research and discovery process to the MnSCU system

Presently, the group is in the process of gathering data from a system-wide captioning assessment survey that went to all MnSCU institutions. Nearly all campuses have participated in some manner to date. The purpose of the survey is to locate all places within an institution where there is energy and/or effort being taken to caption course videos and to capture effective practices where those institutions are gaining ground in captioning course videos. Additionally products being used and workflows will be captured along with priority concerns.

The survey window will close on November 16, 2015 end of business day. The work of the Captioning Assessment project is expected to be completed by mid-spring semester, 2016.

For more information about the project, the composition of the Ad Hoc group, and a link to the survey, please CLICK HERE.



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