Foreign Travel and Study Abroad

Given the recent attacks taking place across the globe, we want to ensure that all MnSCU students, staff and faculty are safe, particularly those who may be traveling or studying abroad.

In an effort for us to have current information on all those who travel abroad, please encourage your appointed person who helps travelers to complete this link prior to anybody’s travel.  (Towards the bottom of the page there’s a section titled Foreign Travel and Study Abroad.  There’s a copy of the insurance brochure, template and instructions on how to complete the template). There should only be one contact at the campus that serves as the gatekeeper and completes the forms for all trips.

If you are aware of any students, staff or even faculty who are currently oversees, and had not completed the link above prior to their travel, please send that information to Dr. Toyia K. Younger, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.  If you have any questions related to MnSCU’s travel and study abroad insurance, please contact Keswic Joiner, Director of Risk Management.

Toyia K. Younger, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
30 7th St. E. | Suite 350 | St. Paul, MN 55101 |
 | 651-201-1673


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