Concurrent Enrollment Review of Faculty Qualifications

In response to the recent clarification from the Higher Learning Commission on faculty qualifications, the MnSCU system office is requesting that all MnSCU institutions that have a concurrent enrollment program complete a review of the qualifications of all concurrent enrollment instructors. As a part of this review process, we are requesting a summary of your review data to be submitted by the end of February. This information will assist the system office and our campuses in understanding the landscape of concurrent enrollment faculty qualifications across the state and enable us to be responsive to the needs of our concurrent enrollment programs and instructors.

Please see the memorandum and attachments that includes detail information about the concurrent enrollment credentialing review. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jessica Espinosa and/or me.

Contact:  Pakou Yang
System Director of P-20 and College Readiness




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