Review of Procedure 5.22.2 Cellular and Other Mobile Computing Devices

The following information is being sent to you on behalf of Laura King, Vice Chancellor and CFO.

Greetings Everyone,

Procedure Cellular and Other Mobile Computing Devices has been under review for several months.  The version now posted on the Finance and Facilities Policy and Procedure SharePoint site is available for comment for the next four weeks, closing on February 3, 2016 at the close of business.

The version you are reviewing contains the following changes:

  • Part 2. Definitions: Modernizes the definitions section to reflect current devices
  • Part 3. Eligibility…Plans: Adding faculty issued mobile computing devices as a criteria for system issuance of devices
  • Part 4. Subpart A. Authorization: Establishes authorization, approval and administrative criteria for issuance of system owned device.
  • Part 4. Subpart B. Employee Annual Review: Excludes faculty issued mobile computing devices from the  annual review process
  • Part 6. System Owned…Devices: Expands and clarifies the De Minimis standard for personal use of system resources.
  • Part 7. Employee owned….Devices: Provides acknowledgement of employee responsibilities where using personal device for system business.

Please use the SharePoint site to submit comments.  If you are unable to access the site or have problems submitting comments in that manner, click here for a PDF version, or contact Michael Nordby who will route your comments to the appropriate party.

Thank you.

Laura M. King
Vice Chancellor – CFO
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

3 thoughts on “Review of Procedure 5.22.2 Cellular and Other Mobile Computing Devices

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  1. Part 7 of this proposal would have a chilling impact on faculty productivity. Few if any faculty would continue to the common practice of working from home on their own devices under these provisions.

  2. Part 7 will have a significant chilling impact on faculty work. Every full time faculty member I know work well over 40 hours a week, many of those are from home on privately owned computers and other devices. Part time faculty, so mood not even have university owned devices.

    Before implementing Part 7, think about the implications in a higher education environment.

  3. Part 7–While I can understand the issues of technology security, I am very concerned about the proposed requirements for faculty use of personal devices. These proposed requirements would limit time and access for students, since many faculty would choose not to use personal devices at all if subject to these requirements. Checking email and D2L, on a phone or tablet or PC, for student and colleague communication seems reasonable, without invoking such security concerns. With expectations for working off campus, on multiple campuses, as well as a workload which results in working some evenings and weekends, this would pose difficulties for resident faculty. At Metro State with about 2/3 community faculty, the use of personal devices is the only reasonable practice. Authorizing the wiping of a personal device? Could more rationale be given, and alternatives considered? A lot more consideration is needed. Thank you.

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