Reverse Transfer Program Update

Great News for Students Receiving AA Degrees through Reverse Transfer!

Since July 1, 2015, 313 AA degrees have been awarded to students. The number of AA degrees awarded places Minnesota as one of the top states for Reverse Transfer degree conferral, with only the state of Hawaii awarding more degrees.

The sustainability phase began when the Credit When It’s Due (CWID) Lumina grant ended June 30, 2015. A beginning total of 74 degrees were conferred in the initial months after the July 1st start. The Fall 2015 term saw an additional 239 AA degrees conferred.

Sustainability has been greatly enhanced with the development of new technologies paid for by the grant. The completed MnTC is now noted on the upper left of the student transcript (where it is more visible) through an automated process run by registrars at the end of every semester. This enhancement allows review of records for students most likely to have completed the AA degree and has benefited all students by noting this milestone. Another new technology allows students to consent to the reverse transfer process within eServices, greatly reducing the time it takes to obtain consent and meet FERPA guidelines.

For more information about the Reverse Transfer program, please visit our website at: Reverse Transfer.

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