2016 STAR Symposium Sneak Peek!

Traveling to a conference in Minnesota – in February? Why not?

Join us at the 2016 STAR Symposium, a new one-day, all-virtual conference that will eliminate the travel time and uncertainty of winter driving in Minnesota!

The 2016 STAR Symposium celebrates excellence in teaching and learning by sharing best practices, ideas, and resources with colleagues on teaching topics for delivery via face-to-face, blended, flipped and online classrooms. Our keynote speaker is Dr. L. Dee Fink, who will speak about the ways that instructors can promote “good learning” in the classroom. To preview the schedule, and to register, check out this STAR Sneak Peek here.

Please join us for the NEW faculty development opportunity!

The 2016 STAR Symposium is sponsored by the Minnesota Online Quality Initiative, a project funded by the Minnesota State College and University system.

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