SIG Learning Spaces Tour – April 8 – Hennepin TC

Join us this Friday for a campus learning space tour of Hennepin Technical College’s Brooklyn Park Campus. We will showcase learning spaces that have been transformed from the standard idea of classroom design to new and innovative spaces that merge technology, space, and pedagogy in new and exciting ways, such as the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center, the Virtual Manufacturing Lab and the Nursing Simulation lab. During this tour you will get a first hand look at some of our newer learning spaces, meet some of the faculty who use them, discuss the need to build partnerships across campus, and see some fun and innovative things we are working on to make our next generation learning spaces even better.

The SIG Series Campus Tours are open to everyone in MnSCU.  Use this link for a flyer and feel free to share with others.


Contact:  Carrie Lewis Miller


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